Geek Squad Review: Does it live as much as its track record of in-home solution?

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Geek Squad Review: Does it live as much as its track record of in-home solution?

Our reviewer attempted the solution by having them install an eero wi-fi mesh system, a Ring video clip doorbell and much more

Most readily useful purchase’s Geek Squad is one of the higher known tech support services, offered to anybody who steps into one of several organization’s shops — and also people who sign up on line. Most readily useful purchase, when a location to get music equipment whenever it launched its doors when you look at the 1960s, has developed to attempting to sell items that start around fridges to Ring video clip doorbells. As a result, additionally they help then install and program the unit also.

You will find a true number of at-home installation services that individuals can change to, from Handy to HelloTech, to possess items they will have purchased installed inside their house. The Geek Squad is one choice, nevertheless they will help you to set an appointment up even though you’ve purchased a security camera or dishwasher from another shop.

The company’s Geek Squad installed a number of devices in a home from a Ring video doorbell to an eero mesh Wi-Fi system over the past year. Listed here is the way the experience ranked for the visitor journalist who taken care of the solution on their own, and shared their observations within the with GearBrain, which verified the installation of the products year.

Most readily useful Buy’s Geek Squad installed a mesh Wi-fi system from eero and also connected it to your products eero


The Geek Squad really began as being a regional group and concentrated mostly on computers and related tech products, but aligned with Best purchase in 2002. Now they will work with many different services and products, including smart house products in addition to stereos.

Typically you get the Geek Squad plan once you first buy one thing at a Best purchase. An at-home service call with that comes support you can reach both online and on the phone, and of course.

The installations were set up, and the Geek Squad assigned a window of time they would arrive with both the Ring video doorbell and the mesh system. You’ll set up a period for weekends and evenings too.

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You can’t, regrettably, get a group visit. But as our tester’s window approached — both times they were almost done with the previous job and would be there shortly— they got a call from the people saying.

Using one call our tester had been told that the installers may be late, and had been expected if they like to reschedule for the following time, that they did. Installers additionally turned up every time with one thing to pay for their footwear too, which our tester appreciated. In addition to the installer wore uniforms — that will help to spot them if they show up to your property. In addition they bring their very own gear, from cables to ladders, that will be ideal for anybody who does not have those actions at home. Our tester had our ladder that is own the installers told them which they would make use of their particular.

The Geek Squad installed a Ring video clip doorbell, such as the one pictured above GearBrain


The Geek Squad helped install two cameras that are ring well during the period of the season both picked up and get at a Best Buy shop. They actually told our tester that the second camera wasn’t needed since they already had a Ring video doorbell in the same location, and that the camera should be returned when they arrived.

Then again our tester additionally found that the Wi-Fi in your home was not robust sufficient to handle the camera that is new. The Geek Squad sent out an unite team — for free — to greatly help learn how to increase the signal, suggesting a mesh system. That did prompt our tester to purchase an eero Wi-Fi put up, that was, into the final end, fruitful for the business.

But when the eero had been set-up, the group did not leave until our tester felt comfortable, providing them a guide along with adding their devices like the computer as well as other products that are smart


You will pay $199.99 a to have the geek squad work with you year. However you will want to spend a extra fee of $49.99 for virtually any installation in addition. Repairs as well as other issues are additional too, including purchase protection plans. But Geek Squad people can get a 20 per cent discount on repairs.

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Worth every penny?

The Geek Squad is probably a decent deal for anyone who doesn’t feel very tech savvy, like our tester. A $49.99 predetermined fee means it’s not necessary to bother about the quantity of time one thing will require, and when you need certainly to spend $200 per year in order to be a member, the solution may be valued at it if you want to purchase products off their stores, but understand they could phone the Geek Squad for assistance.

The installers had been additionally personable, stayed in contact through the process, and our tester felt these were honest also, in advising they did not desire a camera that is second have been purchased. But our tester did say they felt forced if they were inside buy that is best, frequently to purchase additional security packages, that they typically did not desire. If you can say for certain how exactly to install a Wi-Fi system, or connect a doorbell? Spending $200 a 12 months in order to also make a consultation may wind up feeling a little high.

However, our tester liked the Geek Squad sufficient, that after the full time came by the end associated with the they renewed for second year. And that is about nearly as good a suggestion as possible get.


  • You can make use of with almost everything, bought anywhere not merely Best Buy
  • Phone one to inform you if they’re on the method
  • Can computer that is install smart house products as well as appliances for the kitchen
  • Cons:

  • A little bit of difficult sell on extra insurance that is including
  • You can get a window, yet not a specific time, for at-home installation
  • You need to spend yearly cost on top of per price solution cost
  • Ring Movie Doorbell 2 with HD Movie, Movement Activated Alerts, Simple Installation

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