Guru Financial.A mobile lending application that is payday

Guru Financial.A mobile lending application that is payday

A mobile payday lending application

Guru the friendly loan provider is a mobile payday financing application, assisting individuals get free from these monetary problems by giving these with little affordable loans and academic resources to simply help boost their financial predicament.


Individuals require use of credit to be able to assist spend their bills and look after their loved ones, however the normal cash advance is inconvenient and has a tendency to keep borrowers in a period of financial obligation. With a report showing over 80% of payday advances rolled over or re-borrowed, and just 14% of borrowers really in a position to manage to spend them straight right right right back, mostly as a result of rates that are exorbitant.


Guru may be the very first motivation driven payday financing solution available in the market providing an agreeable substitute for those who work in need. The borrower is rewarded with an incrementally lowered interest rate with every loan payed on time with an incentivized repayment program. As well as which makes it less expensive and available for folks to qualify and payback their loans, Guru is focused on educating users as to how they could enhance their financial status with free content and use of academic resources. just exactly just just How did Guru Financial ag e become?

Around couple of years ago, we began throwing some company tips around, mostly into the technology that is financial (FinTech). Like most aspiring group of business owners, we attempted to determine an issue or “gap” and propose an answer or replacement for the status quo. As expected and also by meaning, we pointed out payday loans in Louisiana that probably the most space that is neglected the monetary solutions sector ended up being the “underbanked”. We arrived to appreciate quickly that for customers with small to no credit, there have been options that are limited fairly and effectively borrow cash. We looked over the thing that was around and decided that individuals could produce a significantly better item. Our places had been set on disrupting the payday financing sector and all sorts of its stigmas by providing an alternative that is true.


Next actions

Next actions are to launch the platform successfully. We are not yet live on the app store while we have conducted a beta tests with 29 users and have circulated approximately $2,500 through the app. Our company is additionally in the act of negotiating software that is several possibilities with major players in this room. We come across the potential of our application as being a solution that is white-label plementary income stream.

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